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Make it Yours is the first personalised natural-fill pillow

Make it yours comes with our patented pillow case designed to fill yourself.

You add the right amount of our waking beauty filling to suit you.

It’s so easy and such a pleasure

Make it yours Waking Beauty natural sleeping solution
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What do I need to do?

We’ll send you a Waking Beauty pillow case ready for you to put our filling in yourself. Instead of our hand-filling your pillow, you fill it to your requirements.

Handwork is one of the most expensive components of a luxury product.

We’re economising on this and happy to pass our savings on to you.

The ‘make it yours’ pillowcase

You’ll have the original Waking Beauty patented pillowcase. The central zip on the reverse, unique to Waking Beauty, means you can adjust the filing easily, air and fluff up and remove the filing to wash.

Ergonomically re-designed to support you comfortably all night long.

Make it yours filling

Bouncy clouds of natural British lambs wool. Enough for your pillow and some to spare for days when you want firmer support.

Our needs are not always the same. Its as easy as unzipping your pillow to sleep high or low as you choose.

Make it your pillowslip

Designed to make it yours a matching white cotton pillowslip with all the design features of the Waking Beauty ergonomic system.

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