Can sleeping on your back help after Laser Eye Surgery / Lasik?

The recommend length of supine sleep post-surgery is at least two weeks.

LASIK is a vision correction solution for refractive errors that reduces or eliminates near sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism. Most LASIK treatments achieve 20/20 vision or better for patients after the procedure.

The cornea is one of the fastest-healing tissues in the body and following laser eye surgery recovery time is only around 24 hours. However, just because the sight is suddenly amazing it doesn’t mean the eyes will be completely healed and they can be ignored as a result. The cornea heals properly when resting as the eyes recover, lubricate and relax, so sleeping in the correct and most comfortable position is extremely important.

To ensure recovery is as comfortable and smooth as possible the wearing of eye shields when sleeping or napping is advised to reduce the pressure and help protect the eyes from inadvertent rubbing, dust and infection.

These should be worn for up to ten nights. In some cases it may help by sleeping raised on pillows after certain surgeries to reduce swelling but your specialist will advise on best post-treatment practices. Generally lots of rest is required following this procedure. To support post-op healing, back sleeping is the ideal and Waking Beauty layered sleep system® the perfect medical aid to recovery.

We recommend combining three elements of the layered system to help you maximise the results of eye surgery while avoiding any side effects and infections.

We recommend combining three elements of the layered sleep system suggested ELEVATE / STABILISE and HARMONISE. HARMONISE, and STABILISE will offer you the emotional and physical support to sleep and maintain a supine posture throughout the night. At the same time, ELEVATE will ensure an adequate head elevation to improve fluid drainage.

Submissions from Carron Ryan BSc. DBO

Waking Beauty® Elements recommended for eye procedures / Lasik

Element NameElement Function
HARMONISESuper-soft HARMONISE gives emotional and physical support - Harmonise enables supine sleep while offering the comforting impression of side sleep. It supports the head and gives lateral support to the neck.
STABILISESTABILISE allows individual adjustment in a revolutionary way - Stabilise has a central zip on the reverse, allowing for ventilation and filling variation. Patients have all levels of firmness available in one pillow.
ELEVATEELEVATE raises the head to a comfortable position - Elevate is a small pillow that works synergistically with Stabilise to elevate the head, enabling the patient to retain a certain sleep height.

Would you like extra support for your legs?

Ask for ALIGN

Align pillow


Would you like extra elevation?

Use extra wool filler

Align pillow showing the woollen filling and label close up


Would you like extra darkness while asleep?

Ask for REPOSE

Repose eye pillow