Can sleeping on your back help Malar Bags ?

Recommend length of supine sleep post-surgery: at least two weeks

What are Malar Bags?

Malar Bags are the swollen areas that appear around the top part of the cheek, rather like secondary, side-eye bags. Most people really do not like Malars or Festoons.

Festoons, as the name suggests, are under eye bags which fall into curtain folds. In severe cases, Festoons may cause serious problems, including an obstruction to peripheral vision.

Malar and Festoon bags are a common problem. As time goes on they don’t go away. We may feel they make us look tired with noticeably puffy eyes.

How are Malar Bags Formed?

Malar Bags can arise because of a structural problem in the skin of the lower lid and cheek area.

It has been suggested there is a loosening of the muscle in the part of the face that helps close the eyelids, encouraging fat compartments.

These can be made worse by fluid retention, resulting in swelling. As a result some Malar Bags are worse in the morning getting better later in the day as the lymph fluid circulates.

What causes Malar Bags?

The exact cause of Malar Bags is complex with several factors contributing to, or causing their appearance. The same bag can have different origins in different people.

Do Malar Bags develop with age?

The passing of time can have an effect on our face. It is said that over time collagen and elastin weaken making it easier for these bags to take root.

Does sun exposure cause Malar Bags?

External Influences such as sun exposure are a common contributor to Malar Bags causing wrinkles in this delicate area exacerbated by lymph pockets.

Do smokers get worse Malar Bags?

Smoking is known to affect the face and as the skin around the eyes is thinner than other facial skin. Smoking has a particularly obvious effect on Malars

Are Malar Bags genetic?

Malars can be an inherited facial feature in which case we can do our best not to exacerbate them.

Are Malars actually made worse by fillers?

Sometimes Malar Bags get worse as a result of filler injections. Practitioners are careful about recommending them to treat Malars.

Responsible practitioners will rarely recommend facial fillers to improve Malar Bags.

Fillers can however be used to reduce their impact. There will be capable caring practitioners who have focused their training on this eye area knowing how much it worries people.

Fillers however generally cause swelling, which can make Festoons in particular more prominent.

Are Malar Bags caused by sleep position?

In my research for Waking Beauty, I have made a special study of Malar Bags and answered questions on my Youtube channel. Malar bags can either be caused or made worse by sleep position.

  1. If you sleep on your side this will squash one side of your face. The eye area is often affected most because of the constricted circulation
  2. Sleeping on your side allows lymph to pool under one eye exacerbating a tendency to Malars.
  3. If you don’t get sufficient sleep whenever you get to bed this can make the tendency worse.

Natural ways to prevent and reduce Malars

  1. Facial massage techniques taught by the lymphoedema society for facial lymph.
  2. Malar Bag weightlifting – my own invention – see the movie on the Youtube channel and answers to the many questions raised.
  3. Reduce the use of eye creams they can make the bags worse not better.
  4. Please don’t mess about with the area in an attempt to make them disappear.
  5. Try not to eat salty food which encourages the body to hold onto fluid. Malar Bags will also store the fluid.

Can I disguise Malars?

  1. I use a Selfie light for zooms directly shining on my face.
  2. I recognise that today I just woke up with one because I didn’t follow some of my own advice and I wear glasses:

“In some lights they are exaggerated. Be assured that what you think is obvious may be invisible to others.” … Shula

What are the surgical treatments for Malar Bags or Festoons?

Surgeries are developing all the time. Individual surgeons can suggest different interventions: under eye blepharoplasty, Endolift Laser, Midface lifting, Direct Excision.

Their success will depend on the origin of the Malar Bag and how we treat the area post operation.

How long does it take to recover from surgery on Festoons or Malars?

This will vary on the condition of your skin and which surgery you have had. Every surgeon will give written guidance after the procedure.

The majority of surgeons suggest that in order to aid recovery you sleep on your back.

How can I sleep on my back after Malar or Festoon surgery?

After any surgery or treatment on the eyes where back sleeping is indicated, Waking Beauty sleep system is the ideal post-operative support, then going forward the sleep system is the perfect aid to ensure consistent, comfortable sleep.

Recommend length of supine sleep post-surgery: at least two weeks

It is always a good idea to prepare yourself prior to any surgery, especially eye surgery, which can often involve sleeping post-operatively in unfamiliar, uncomfortable positions

i.e., your back. Supine sleep training with Waking Beauty® for at least three weeks pre-operatively is advised so that you become used to sleeping on your back and can more easily adopt this position during the post-operative healing period where restorative sleep is so important.

Waking Beauty five element layered system will help you maximise the results of eye surgery while avoiding any side effects and infections.

HARMONISE, and STABILISE will offer you the emotional and physical support to sleep and maintain a supine posture throughout the night.

ELEVATE will ensure an adequate head elevation to improve fluid drainage. It would also be advisable to use ALIGN under the knees or as an additional support for the head if sleeping supine and propped up has been suggested.

Going forward REPOSE would be an excellent meditative eye cushion for soothing the eyes and enhancing restful sleep once the eyes are healed.

REPOSE blocks the light while gently resting on your face without the traditional restrictive pressure and elasticated attachment of an eye mask.

After your operation Waking Beauty will help maintain the rejuvenation

Are there natural remedies for Malar Bags?

Shula Rich, Inventor of the Waking Beauty® Sleep System

Shula Rich malar bags
Shula Rich malar bags
Shula Rich malar bags

Waking Beauty® Elements recommended for Malar or Festoon surgery

Element NameElement Function
HARMONISESuper-soft HARMONISE gives emotional and physical support - Harmonise enables supine sleep while offering the comforting impression of side sleep. It supports the head and gives lateral support to the neck.
STABILISESTABILISE allows individual adjustment in a revolutionary way - Stabilise has a central zip on the reverse, allowing for ventilation and filling variation. Patients have all levels of firmness available in one pillow.
ELEVATEELEVATE raises the head to a comfortable position - Elevate is a small pillow that works synergistically with Stabilise to elevate the head, enabling the patient to retain a certain sleep height.

Would you like extra support for your legs?

Ask for ALIGN

Align pillow


Would you like extra elevation?

Use extra wool filler

Align pillow showing the woollen filling and label close up


Would you like complete darkness while asleep?

Ask for REPOSE

Repose eye pillow


Shula Rich, Inventor of the Waking Beauty® Sleep System